Smart for your home!

System for automatic control of the living environment  

Accomplish your dream

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Improve your living environment


Easy. Intuitive.

Security and safety

Feel the safety of your home.

Energy efficiency

Save energy, spend less.

Remote control

Anywhere. Anytime.



Why spend when we can save. Saving energy has never been more fun. ENTIAliving, environment and wallet friendly.

Scenes & Schedules

Control everything at once with ENTIAliving scenes. Have the temperature drop when you are away. Think less, do more.

Shading Control

Control your shades and blinds. Scenes, remote control, weather based control, it’s all there.

Remote control

Have your home in your pocket, wherever you are. Beautiful free apps for smartphones, tablets and personal computers.

Sensor Value Presentation

Want to measure something? Anything? Air quality, sun radiation, temperature? Be aware of the quality of your surroundings.

Lighting Control

Individual lights or groups of light, dimmed ambient lighting, pool or garden lighting system, scenes, remote control…

Security & Safety

Feeling safe is essential in a home, and ENTIAliving makes it so. Protection from burglary, flood, fire and more…

Ventilation Control

Automatic ventilation based on the air quality (humidity, CO2, CO etc.) is completely automatic with ENTIAliving.

Heating & Cooling Control

With ENTIAliving at the helm of your home, heating and cooling is as intuitive and cost effective as anybody would want it.

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Excellent Features

Provide; shifting landscape reduce carbon emissions human potential sustainability Jane Addams solve. Global network; care Rockefeller, vaccines equal opportunity human being.

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Take a look at the selection of our completed and ongoing projects.

Belle vie Tivoli
Vila Teslova, Slovenija
Vila Parmova, Slovenija
Soseska Osmica, Slovenija
Empire World, Kurdistan
Hiše Galjevica, Slovenija
Hiše Graz, Graz, Avstrija
Hiša Podmolnik, Slovenija
Hiša RD, Slovenija
Hotel Plaza, Slovenija
Stanovanja St John’s Wood,
London, Anglija
Stanovanje Komenskega,
Skakalnica Lake Placid, ZDA
Ljubljanski grad, Slovenija
Rezidenca Ruski car,
Sodobna Vila Rožna dolina,
Skakalnica Kandersteg, Švica
Vrstne hiše Studenci,
Trnovske vile, Slovenija
Vila Grbina, Slovenija

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